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We offer a series of computer based digitisers
and oscilloscope products.

High Speed Digitizers from Gage

GaGe, established in 1987, is a worldwide leader in high performance digitizers, Gage's CompuScope and CompuGen products are world renowned for high speed, high data throughput, high resolution, low noise, deep on-board acquisition memory, and much more.

Their easy-to-use GageScope oscilloscope software and suite of powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs) allow you to create reliable, flexible, and high-performance solutions quickly and easil

ResolutionBandwidthSample RateChannelsBus
CS 121G11U 12 700 MHz 1.1 GS/s 1 USB
CS 144002U 14 1.2 GHz 400 MS/s 2 USB
CS 148001U 14 700 MHz 800 MS/s 1 USB
Cobra family 8 1 GHz 2 GS/s up to 2 PCI/PCI-E
CobraMax family 8 1.5 GHz 4 GS/s up to 2 PCI/PCI-E
Octopus family 12/14/16 100 MHz 125 MS/s up to 8 PCI/PCI-E
Oscar family 12/14/16 65 MHz 125 MS/s up to 4 PCI-Express
Razor family 12/14/16 125 MHz 200 MS/s up to 4 PCI/PCI-E

800 MHz 14 bit digitiser

The SPD ADQ114-UC offers an unprecedented sampling speed and bandwidth at 14 bit resolution.

This is achieved by two parallel A/D converters and an FPGA that synchronises the data.


The Handyscope and Handyprobe products from TiePie is a series of USB based oscilloscopes. They offer a bandwidth up to 250MHz and a resolution of up to 14 bits.

The universal software that is delivered with the Handyscope turns your PC into a storage oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser, a voltmeter and a transient recorder. An intelligent auto setup allows the inexperienced user to perform measurements immediately.

BandwidthSample RateResolutionChannelsAWG*DI**
TP HP3 50 MHz 100 MS/s 10 1 No Yes
TP HS3 50 MHz 100 MS/s 12 2 Yes No
TP HS4 50 MHz 50 MS/s 12 4 No No
TP HS4-DIFF 50 MHz 50 MS/s 12 4 No Yes
TP HS5 250 MHz 500 MS/s 14 2 Yes No
TP HS805 250 MHz 1 GS/s 8 2 Yes No

* Arbitrary Waveform Generator
** Isolated Differential Inputs

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