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Shakers / Vibration Control

Shakers and controllers for R&D and
environmental and lifecycle testing.


Exiting structures with forces in the range from a few Newton up to kN is no problem with our line of shakers from Tira.

Vibration Controllers

The VR9500 Vibration Controller is the center of a complete solution for shaker control and vibration testing.

VibrationVIEW, is a modular software package for setting up and performing all types of test scenarios.

Sine Sine performs closedloop control of fixed and swept sine vibration. The digital control algorithm provides time and frequency calculations using floating point math calculations, resulting in frequency changes as small as 1 millionth of a Hertz to produce a smooth and continuous sweep.

Sine Step control module

Stepped frequency sine tests such as those used in MIL-STD-167 are supported. The on and off duration and the step size are programmable.

Sine Resonance Phase Track & Dwell Control - SRTD

In the sine dwell test, the controller can automatically track the resonance frequency to keep the output on resonance even when fatigue damage causes the resonance frequency to shift. With our advanced tools you can manually track a resonance even in a nonlinear system.

Random Random vibration testing simulates an end use case by generating vibrations with a predefined spectral density.

RandomVIEW - Random control module

Random vibration testing provides a more closely matched vibration to your end-use environment. With the RandomVIEW vibration test module you get the highest possible control with ease of use.


This module adds controle of the kurtosis of the final vibration.

Re-introduce the high acceleration peaks back into your random vibration tests. Vibration Research patented solution to when your in-service vibration environment is not Gaussian.

Field Data Replication This module lets you replay prerecorded vibrations from field measurements.

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