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Machine Vision

For machine vision applications we offer intelligent cameras,
frame grabbers as well as software and accessories like lenses.

USB 2.0 / 3.0 Cameras for industrial applications

BlueFOX is a series of cameras with USB interface and CMOS and CCD sensors up to 5 MPixel. Image acquisition can be controlled by the computer or by an internal real time PLC for critically timed operations such as synchronisation or sequencing.

Virtually all parameters of the image acquisition can be controlled in software which makes it ideal for difficult applications. The drivers and APIs are standardised over the complete range of cameras and PCI frame grabbers.

Gigabit Ethernet Cameras

The BlueCOUGAR-X is a compact industrial camera that is complaint to GigE Vision and GenlCam specifications as well as Power over Ethernet. It has sensors up to 10 MPixels and a dynamic resolution of up to 14 bits.


The mvBlueLYNX-X is the next generation of the successful MATRIX VISION intelligent camera product line.

The CPU core is based on the state-of-the-art ARM technology with up to 1 GHz target clock and image processing acceleration by DSP coprocessor for parallel handling of multiple pixels.

The system is ideally suited for the classical areas of machine vision, the large processing power and high-end display and graphics capability as well as the wide range of different interfaces make it perfect for many other application areas.

Vision Software

mvImpact is a software library with plug in modules for image analysis and machine vision applications. It covers filtering and colour transformation as well as higher level feature tracking and bar code reading.

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