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PT PDV-100
Portable Digital Vibrometer

The PDV-100 Portable Digital Vibrometer is the first portable, battery-powered digital vibrometer for field studies that enables you to easily and precisely monitor the condition of machines, for example.

The PDV-100 contactlessly measures vibrational velocities in the 0 to 22 kHz frequency range and provides digital signal processing with both analog and digital signal outputs. Its lightweight, robust design in a hermetically sealed housing makes this device a handy and practical tool, whether used as a battery-powered solution or together with a mains adapter.

When combined with the high vibrational velocity resolution of 0.05 µm/s, the high level of linearity across the entire frequency range provides you with a sturdy and reliable mobile vibration analysis tool. The digital interface to data acquisition environments guarantees data quality even in critical environments with electromagnetic faults.

Another version, the PDV-100 Vibrometer Education Kit, offers you a PDV-100 Laser Vibrometer to record mechanical vibrations and also includes exciting experiments for technical training purposes at colleges and universities.

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